What to wear for your maternity photoshoot!


What to wear! What to wear! What to wear  for your maternity photoshoot!

This is the biggest question in the fore mind of expecting mothers coming for maternity photoshoot. Now we all know the restrictions of physical kind imposed due to your baby bump. And you want to show your bump with style, Isn’t it? Don’t worry! Now you have wide array of wardrobes available in market designed to suit a pregnant female. Your first priority is to choose soft light dresses that snugly fit your belly and are comfortable to wear. Go for dresses with a flow and long train. Gowns made of sheer looks great in photographs. Flowing dresses and gowns give your pictures an ethereal aura. For casuals, prefer dresses with ribbon or bow just below breast bone. Scarves give a nice touch to your casual outfit. Rest assured go for solid colours. Printed dresses never stand out. It goes for any portraiture photography including maternity. Go for pastel colours for day shoot and dark colours for night shoot. Now to accessorise your whole look just add a beautiful belt. Belt accentuates your belly in a nice way. You have floral belts available in market just for this purpose. If you have a floral tiara too, you are ready to look like a princess. For shoes you have no other option than flats. Moccasins and ballerinas for casuals and strappy flats with no heels for formal gowns. I hope this article was useful to you all you expecting mothers.

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