Q. How much does a session cost us?

A. There is a detailed package given under respective headings with inclusions included. Kindly refer to them under packages.

Q. How can I book a shoot?

A. You can give us a call and book a shoot. We can also arrange a meeting if you want face to face discussion and clarity on your demands. We do charge fifty percent of your selected package at the time of booking and remaining fifty percent on the day of shoot. Booking is only confirmed after we receive the signing amount as mentioned.

Q. How many photographs will you be providing us?

A. You will be provided retouched HQ images as per your selected package.

Q. When will we get our photographs?

A. You will get your photographs in 15-20 days of your shoot.

Q. How will we get our photographs?

A. Once all your retouched edited photographs are ready, they will be uploaded on our google drive account and the link will be sent to you. Quality is not compromised in google drive. You will have 7 days to download them from the link, afterwards it will be removed. Please save them at two or three places to avoid loss. We will be saving your album with us for a year.

Q. How long does the session last?

A. Basic session lasts around 2-3 hours. Rest will be depending upon your package.

Q. How many backgrounds/setups will you be providing?

A. We will be providing backgrounds/setups as per your chosen package. Please refer to them for clarity. Props/baskets will be used according to requirement.

Q. How many dress changes can we do?

A. We will be allowing number of dress changes as per your chosen package.

Q. Do you provide dresses also?

A. Only newborn wraps.
We have a collection of maternity dresses available for rent, pricing is listed in packages.
We don’t provide any dress for sitter session and age group above it.
For newborn we will be using our wraps, caps and headbands. You won’t need anything else for them.

Q. Do you provide makeup artist?

A. We don’t provide any makeup artist. Please come prepared as per your convenience.

Q. Do you provide us all the unedited pics of the session too?

We don’t give away the unedited RAW pics as it is an issue of copyright and an unfinished product in itself. Please don’t request for it as we won’t be able to oblige you with it.
We have a policy of taking extra photographs as a failsafe to provide you the expected number of photographs in your package. As in every session some pictures always get
wasted in the sense of clarity, focussing, body posturing, artefacts or some other malfunctions. We choose the best of the lot for retouching and editing.

Q.What will happen if we get delayed for the photoshoot?

A. Please be on time for your shoot and inform us in case of delay as there may be another scheduled shoot for the day. We may have to abort and reschedule your shoot in case the delay is more than half an hour as your shoot time may be impinging upon next shoot.

Q. What will happen if we cancel the shoot due to any inexplicable reason?

A. If you cancel the shoot after booking with us 25% of the package amount will be forfeited and the rest will be paid back to you unless it is a medical reason involving the concerned person. In that case you have to show us the relevant medical certificates.

Q. Can we do mobile photography during the shoot?

We don’t allow mobile photography as it is distracting and takes away the exclusivity of our pictures.

Q. What will happen if we don’t like the assigned number of photographs you gave us?

A. We do your shoot after lots of planning and taking all your demands in consideration with best of our abilities. So please share your ideas and demands beforehand and take active participation at the time of shoot process. You can checkout how the pictures are coming out in camera itself for affirmation and to get best results. We will give you the photographs only after each of them has reached our level of expectation and standard.